FABCO Hygienic Products Co. Ltd. was formed in 1996.  We are a comprised of
privately-held and fully-owned subsidiaries and partner company.  Our extensive
capabilities and has been producing hygienic protection products for more than
15 years in lingerie and personal care industry.  Production takes place in China
and sales and marketing are focused on the Europe and Asia and looking forward
to the United States for the future through your channel.

We seek to serve non-woven material product and enthusiasts by exceeding
minimum acceptable quality standards and by providing the highest quality at
the lowest possible price.  We value our relationships with current and future
customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to you through our
outstanding, guaranteed product quality, personal customer service, and
efficient delivery.  Our commitment to our current customers will be reflected
through honest and responsible business.  We hope to become one of your new
suppliers in the very near future.
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