The Fabco Hygienic Products Co. Ltd. chooses to become the disposable hygienic
industry version is to specialized and be professional to our quality standard.  We
strive to improve and demonstrate a successful approach in converting our
reputation into an excellent brand to ensure to the best product with the lower
price, thus creating value for our clients.

High-quality and cost-effective satisfaction took priority of our company.  We are
looking forward to the long-term customer satisfaction and excellence in fulfilling
the promise-completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and

Our profession products, nursing pads, will be elegant analog and able to be
used daily with packaging design as per your choice.  The air-laid paper with SAP,
which was, is verified as classification of high durability and ultra-absorbent level.  
The soft pads are gentle on the skin and contoured in shape for a perfect fit.

The outer layer with new leak-proof ring design is waterproofing but air
permeable.  The pricing will be adjusted to be directly competitive with the other
major competitors.  We will develop and design per your order.
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